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The De-masculation of the education system….Society?

written by Tedd Bear

I have noticed a lot in the news about women now being the number one demographic to get advanced degrees and it got me thinking. When I first entered my two kids into school(both boys) I notice that all the pronouns in their texts and assigned reading materials substituted the traditional male pronoun “he” with […]

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written by Tedd Bear

The Beginning of the Atonement…. Disgraced Baptist Minister Plans Return to Pulpit Associated Press/November 29, 2003 St. Petersburg, Fla., — A Baptist minister whose fall from grace began with a fire his wife set at a home he had secretly bought with his mistress will walk out of prison Sunday and head directly to the […]

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written by Tedd Bear

Part I

I drove drowsily to work, as each day unfolded before me. Today, I could not help but dread going in to face the assholes I was forced to work with. One in particular, Hank was a short, Italian, and old bastard with a short man’s complex to go along with a supreme lack of skill or discernable human qualities.

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