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Starting Again

written by Tedd Bear

Writing is an emotional manifestation for me.  That is either good or bad depending on perspective.  We recently moved to Florida (Which I LOVE) and have met quite a few new folks.  The thing that strikes me, is how different, yet how similar we all are.  We may believe that because we are southern, northern, midwestern etc. that we are different people.  However, people are fundamentally the same no matter where you go.

Everyone wants to have a piece of the pie no matter how small.  Everyone for the most part wants to see their kids turn out better than they have etc.  We want our kids to do well in what ever endeavors they insist on pursuing.  In my case, it doesn’t really matter what they pursue provided it makes them happy…..Yes, I do believe that!  Obviously I’d be against smoking crack, but at some point, even that will be out of my control.

This brings me to my point of today’s post.

No matter what we pursue in life, the one thing that I have always tried to live by is do the very best you can at that pursuit.  In sports, I am considerably irked by the athletes who are so gifted and dare I say, blessed to be “playing” for a living should go all out each and every time.  This is no different from what I expect in work, or sports for any other person.

I recently have had the pleasure or misfortune to be around parents who believe “trying” is ok.  Let me let you in on a little secret:  Trying is FAILING!  I don’t want my son’s to be on a team where everyone tries.  I want my kids to be on teams where everyone DOES!  I am not at all saying that everyone is going to be successful at everything they do!  But if you insist on drilling into the minds of our youth AND our grown population that its ok to try, then you are essentially saying that its OK to FAIL!

America is a country of doers traditionally, and because of this newer softer nation we have become, we are now a nation of try-ers.  We try to engage in war without going to war, we try to be good stewards to our neighbors, we try to be the manufacturing and technology leaders in the free world.  Guess what?  We are failing.

The Republican party has tried to be better to minorities and women…Guess where that has landed them.

Yes, I added that controversial statement to this soliloquy!

I am teaching my kids to be doers and they will ultimately be successful, whether or not they stumble along the way is irrelevant.  That’s OK!

What does doing entail you might ask:  It’s the process of setting your mind and goal on something you want to accomplish and taking every necessary step to succeed.  By truly embracing that simple philosophy ultimately, I think we all will be better off.


Anyway, this was a short post to get back into the swing of posting on the site.  Feel free to let me know what you think….

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