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About the Black Bard…

written by Tedd Bear

My name is Tedd Bear.  I am a craftsman, writer, athlete, artist and general renaissance man.  I love to dabble in photography and leather crafts among other things.  I hope that you can take something away from this humble place.  If not, take away that you have learned one more thing that you do not like in this world….I would appreciate comments and questions as it will help my art and writing improve.  As with other Bard’s what you get will vary but hopefully you enjoy.  I feel the need to explain why I take the moniker The Black Bard… I embody the interpretation expressed below:

“Like his predecessor, the modern Bard is a jack of all trades. He still teaches, though it may be more subtly, and not necessarily in the classroom. His entertaining skills are often the focus of his strength, and if not what he makes a living by, then certainly a trait he is known for. While he may still be known for his fairness in attitudes and his strength of character, you will not often find today’s Bard mediating disputes, the legal trade has become something less that reputable, and not something he is often proud of doing except on a purely personal level. And while fighting may still be an integral part of the Bard’s character, it is oftentimes a trait he is less than proud of, for society frowns on it.

 So where do you find today’s Bard, then, if not in the classroom, or the courtroom or on the field of battle? Everywhere. Simply put, Bards are among you everywhere you go. They may not even think of themselves as Bards, but that is not necessary to being one nonetheless. Consider, if you will, the example of the Knight who was never Knighted. As he carries himself with the honour, dignity and grace of a Peer, and as others recognise him for what he truly is, he needs no mere accolade to be what he truly is. So it is with the Bard. Without formal recognition, he is still that elusive-yet-tangible something that every heart desires, but few can truly grasp.”

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