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The Dangers of Wall-Marte

written by Tedd Bear

The Danger of Wall-Marte

By Tedd Bear

I walked into the mega store that promised me discounts galore and a strange feeling took hold of my soul.

I noticed the people of all shapes and sizes, some of them young and fat, some of them skinny and old.

I felt a strange feeling come over me.  It crept through my body, seeking refuge and a place to take hold.

I did not know what was happening to me.  I continued to shop as most of them.  Looking for things to fill the stockings, or otherwise during this holiday season.

But, as I moved through the store I noticed things about me that for all intents and purposes mysteriously defied reason.

My clothes began to have holes in them.  My shirt became Dingy my jeans became tattered.  Also, a tooth fell out of my mouth!

Far stranger things happened, but for some reason the promise of low prices and bargains prevented me from going out.

I was drawn into the inner sanctum where I took on the visage of those around me.  My language changed to such a degree I slurred my words, and even spoke in Ebonics.

The metamorphosis was nearly complete.  I looked like them and spoke like them and sorely required “hooked on phonics”.

I continued to shop not knowing what to do with this condition I found myself in.

Down each row shopping, picking up bargains, and dropping them carefully in my bin.

I thought people would look at me with suspicion and mal intentions.  But as I shopped this mega mart I realized that all of them looked the same as I.

We now all had issues of various sorts degenerated into the lowest common denominator by pricing.

But, what I could not understand is that I with my education and training and careful preparation in life, being here was like the cake with no icing.

I had to escape this place which had transformed me into the basest of humans.  Caring not for cleanliness, orderliness or good customer service.

Instead, putting aside all my common sense and human attributes, for the sake of pricing alone.  I now was REALLY nervous!

Could I be one of these folks whose only concern in life was a discount in price and oversized boxes over anything else?

Not quality, or brand, or longevity of product.   Not care of service, nor safety from falling boxes stacked uncaring on the shelf?

I knew I was not one only concerned with price.  I looked for bargains as everyone else but where would I draw the line?

I ran from this place in search of myself to try and get back to normal.

I dropped the boxes and packages and everything else and attempted to change my language back to formal.

I promised I would not enter again, unless I had no other choice.

I would shop at the store with the bulls-eye instead and hopefully lend you my voice.

Heed the warning I give to you, stay away from this place and save yourself some dignity.

Otherwise, become one of them because you get what you pay for, just don’t look to me for pity.

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