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Sean the Snake Whisperer-The coming….

written by Tedd Bear

Sean the Snake Whisperer

Book 1 The Coming

By Tedd Bear

There is Legend of a boy born to this world endowed with the gift to speak to and understand the animals.  No one knows when he would come into this world, but the story tells of his ability to communicate and in some instances control the actions of all creatures of the earth.  He descends from Native Americans but his birth parents can be of any cultural diversity now due to the mixing of the races over hundreds of years.  He will have the mark in his eye the shape of a bear having the strength and nature of the same.

Chapter 1

Debra Carter lay in the hospital pregnant with her first child.  It had been a traumatic experience up to this point due to complications in her pregnancy.  She was born with a rare condition, which caused a weakening of her womb.  This condition meant she would have to have an early birth to protect both herself and her child.

She had been ok with this since she and her husband had tried to get pregnant before and had not been successful.  This time, things had worked out and finally they would be blessed with a child.  They scheduled the premature birth on the 5th day of the 5th month of the year.  It was the year 2002.  An eclipse was also scheduled for this day, so the birth would carry significant meaning for the Carter family.  He would be born a child of the union of darkness and light.

The doctors prepared the room for the operation.  The room was stark white and sterile.  The nurses and doctors gathered around Mrs. Carter and tended to her needs as they prepared to bring the child into this world.  The Carter’s did not know whether they would be having a boy or a girl so the anticipation of their first-born was also heightened by the uncertainty of sex of the child.

Mr. Carter obviously wanted a son.  He wanted someone to be able to play ball with and golf with and work on cars with.  He had visions of a pro athlete as most dads do.  Sitting in the stands watching their son score the touchdown in the last seconds of the fourth quarter with the game tied.  Or, shoot the three pointer at the buzzer to beat the opposing team.  Or hit the homerun shattering the national league record of longest homerun hit to win the final game of the World Series by one point!  This was Jackson Carter’s dream.

Debra had no such dream.  Secretly, she wanted to have a son too because she was not the girly girl type.  She was more of a tomboy given to running track or shooting baskets herself.  However, she kept this to herself so she would not break the heart of Jackson who though women should do girly things.

The doctors prepared their equipment and ensured Mrs. Carter was comfortable.  They began to work on getting the newborn from her when all of a sudden, the eclipse began to occur outside.  Normally, this would have no effect on the hospital but something strange began to occur.  They heard strange sounds emanating from the window connected to the operating room.  Slight tapping could be heard coming from outside even though the window curtains were drawn tight.  The noises began to get louder and louder until the doctor became distracted.

“Nurse can you go and see what that noise is?  I cannot concentrate here and I need to focus on what I am doing.”

She said, “Yes doctor, right away,” and went to the window to see what was happening.

Outside the window, several bird species had gathered in orderly fashion and had begun to peck slightly against the window.  When she opened the window the pecking had stopped and the birds sat quietly as if watching a movie.

“Its, well…it’s birds doctor,” the nurse exclaimed.

“Yeah, and what’s so unusual about that?” said the doctor.

“I guess nothing, but when have you ever seen a pigeon sit quietly next to a hawk?”

“I don’t know nurse Johnson, just close the window and hand me a scalpel.”

As soon as nurse Johnson started closing the window, the pecking began again.  This time more urgently.  The noise got louder and louder as if the birds were protesting the closing of the curtains.  How could this be?  Did the birds know what was happening?  Did they sense something special about this new child coming into this world?

Whatever the case, the nurse was flabbergasted by what was happening.

“Doctor, if I don’t leave this open, they wont stop pecking the window.”

“Fine, leave the curtain open, and get over here.  I cant do this alone you know.”

Nurse Johnson left the window open and walked quickly back to the table.  The doctor gently handed the baby to the nurse who was surprised at what she saw.

“It’s a boy!”  The doctor yelled and handed the baby to the nurse.

The baby, whose eyes were wide open just smiled slightly to the nurse.  It was a very subtle thing.  Almost unrecognizable but noticed just the same.

“Did anyone see what I just saw?” the nurse exclaimed.  He just smiled at me.

“Impossible nurse Johnson, you have to be imagining things.”

The nurse shrugged and wiped the baby down and swaddled it in the cloth set aside.

“Mr. Carter would you like to come and cut the cord?”

Mr. Carter gently cut the cord and picked up his new son.

“What are you going to name the baby? the nurse asked Mr. Carter.  You know its tradition for the father to name the child”

“I’ll name him Sean,” Mr. Carter Said.  The then walked the baby to the head of the table to let Mrs. Carter hold the baby.  Mrs. Carter began to cry a little at the joy of finally having her own baby.  And a boy at that!

“What is that mark in his eye?” She asked.

The doctor came to the front of the table where Mrs. Carter held Sean.

“Sometimes, when a child is premature as yours is, they will have inclusions in their eyes.  It typically will go away as the child ages.  It’s nothing to worry about at all Mrs. Carter.  By the time he is walking it will probably be gone.  As you can see, it does not cover his pupil so it will not affect his vision.  Think of it as a bionic eye.”

Mrs. Carter said, “Are you sure doctor?”

“I’m sure.  Its best to get him to an eye doctor but not to worry, I promise everything will be fine.”

Unknown to the group in the room, the birds had tripled in number outside the window.  The eclipse had finally finished the event and the sky became normal again and the animals in the window dispersed.  The hawks flew in a different direction from the pigeons.  The sparrows flew in a different direction from the humming birds.  The Falcon flew in a different direction from the bluejay and so on and so forth.

The Carters were given orientation and instructions on how to care for the newborn and sent on their way.  The packed the new baby in the car seat they had brought for this purpose and loaded him into the car.  Outside, strangely, were several police horses that had gathered at the hospital exit.  Strangely, though, they had no riders.  Also strangely, they seemed to be staring at the Carters.  Luckily, the Carters did not notice as a whole, however, young Sean seem to notice them in his little baby way and winked ever so slightly as they drove past the hospital and onto the freeway home.

The Carters settled in to their home with their new baby.  The experience was all new to them but they had no idea of what was to come.  While Sean seemed normal in every way, the abilities growing in side him would eventually come to save his parents and indeed the world, as we know it.

Sean grew normally for the first year.  He learned to walk as normal and ate well as most young boys do.  But there was something a little unique about Sean.  He never seemed to try to speak or utter a single word.  His parents were a little concerned but remembered that Einstein himself did not speak until he was 7 years old.  They decided to take him to a specialist to make sure nothing was wrong with his voice or development.

The arrived at Doctor Baker’s office first thing the next morning.

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Carter.  You said there was something you wanted checked out in little Sean?”

Mr. Carter said, “Yes doctor, we wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with Sean.  He hasn’t tried to speak and he is going on 2 years old.  They were just a little worried is all.  We know Einstein didn’t speak at all until he was much older, but his mother cannot stop talking and I’m sure that gene has been passed on to Sean.”

“Whatever, Todd.” Mrs. Carter said.

“Let me take a look at him and I’ll see what I can find.  Does he behave normally from your perspective?” the doctor asked.

“Absolutely.  Even when he does not speak he seems to look at you as if he understands perfectly.  In fact, one time I was trying to get him to say Daddy, and he looked at me quizzically, pointed his little finger directly back at me and smiled.  I assumed he understood but were just a bit nervous is all.”  Mr. Carter said.

The doctor took out his stethoscope and held it up to his mouth.  He blew onto the device to warm it up before placing it against Sean’s chest.  He listened very carefully while watching his watch on his wrist.  He counted the beats and timed them.  He withdrew his stethoscope from Sean’s chest and Said, “sounds good.  In fact, he has an extremely strong heart beat.  If I hadn’t had this stethoscope I could probably have felt his heart without using it.  Let’s check his blood pressure to make sure that is normal as well.”

The doctor took a black plastic armband with a funny looking round thing he held in his hands.  Sean looked at it and smiled a bit.  The doctor noticed and smiled back at Sean.  He placed the plastic thing around his arm and used the funny ball to pump up the air in the armband.  He slowly let the air seep out and read the little meter attached to the armband at the other end of the funny ball.

“Normal folks.”  The doctor said without being asked.

The doctor took out a little device and held it up to Sean’s ears.  One by one he checked Sean’s ears and nodded a little and let out a little “mmm-hmmm”.  Each time he looked into the ear he did the same little “mmm-hmmm”.  Sean’s parents took this to be a normal sound and relaxed a little.

“The doctor took a similar device and looked at Sean’s eyes.  He first looked into the right eye, which was devoid of any abnormalities.  Then he moved over to the left eye and did a little “mmm-hmmm” again.  He then turned to Sean’s parents.

“What is it doctor?” Mrs. Carter asked.

The doctor said, “Nothing in particular Mrs. Carter but this spot in his eye looks just like a little bear.  The detail you can see under the loupe is actually quite stunning. There’s another thing.  Sean’s ears are perfectly formed.  That is to say, evolutionarily correct for someone ten thousand years old.

“You’re scaring us doctor.  What do you mean?”  Mr. Carter asked.

“Well, there is nothing to worry about, but when we looked at Homo erectus bones from the fossils that were discovered, we noticed that there were similarities to Hominids of today, but also some slight differences that can be accounted for through evolutionary change that has occurred as our species developed over the millennia.  It’s really nothing to worry about but it may explain his not speaking.

“What do you mean doctor?”

“When I took a look into his ears, he has what’s called dual channel.  You see it ever so often but its actually rather rare now days.  One channel goes to the sinuses near the nose and throat that interacts with voice and smell.  The other channel goes directly to the sinuses in the brain cavity and seems to interact directly with the brain.

“Go on.”  Mrs. Carter said.

“Well, it is thought that because our speech developed over time, early man communicated with both vocal sounds as well as to a certain degree, telepathically.  Your son may have that ability but unfortunately, it will be very difficult to see or test, because humans have lost that ability over time.  Don’t worry, your son will grow up normal and will probably lose the extra canal I see as he ages.”

“Is it something we need to monitor or get checked later?”

“No, like I said before, there is really nothing to worry about.  I’ve checked him out and except for the very interesting inclusion in his eye, he is a normal twenty month old.

“Is there anything we need to do for the eye at this point.  The other doctors a year ago said that there was nothing to worry about.  Is this still the case?”

The doctor said, “Sure.  I wouldn’t even let it concern me unless he begins to complain about vision issues.  For now, just count it as a birth mark and ignore it.”

“Thank you doctor, we appreciate you taking a look at Sean.  We were just worried about him not talking.  I guess we can monitor this going forward and call you if we see anything?”

“Absolutely.  One thing to remember is that some kids don’t have anything to say.  Maybe he is just contemplating and absorbing before he says anything at all.  Like I said, don’t worry and contact me if you notice anything else strange.

“We will, and thanks again!”

“No problem, we’ll see you guys soon.”

The Carter’s packed Sean back up and strapped him into the safety seat and loaded him back in to their car.  The ride home was uneventful for the most part.  The Carters were calmed by the doctor’s feedback but deep down they were a little concerned.  Not enough to worry at all but concerned nonetheless.

Overhead, an eagle flew out of site of the Carters.  He seemed to be watching over Sean on his trip home.  The eagle flew alone this time.  The Carters hadn’t noticed him or any of the other animals that seemed to always flock around Sean.  Luckily, this was the case; otherwise, they would have really been worried.

Chapter 2

Some time had passed and Sean began to get taller and bigger.  He still had not said a word to his parents but from time to time he would use gestures to communicate to them.  Up to this point, Sean would seem confused when his parents would speak to him but never did he say a word to them.  It was as if they were on two different planets from time to time.

One morning before his parents awoke Sean decided to go outside alone.  He had been outside with his parents before but never alone with them.  The lived in a rural area of town and they worried about his safety as their were coyotes, mountain lions, deer and even bear roaming the areas not far from their back yard.

Sean was now tall enough to reach the doorknob in the kitchen.  He walked across the cold tile floor to the wooden door in the kitchen and undid the lock in the knob.  He then turned the knob and opened the door.  He walked slowly out to the yard, which was still covered in green grass in spite of the lateness of the season and approaching fall weather.  The leaves on the trees had already begun to change into bright oranges, reds and yellows.  It was really quite beautiful to Sean as he looked up and saw the leaves against the sky made blue by the rising sun.

Sean began to play in the grass.  It felt good against his skin.  He was starting to move around the yard and it felt strangely confining so he started walking toward the rear of the yard.  In the back of the yard, a gate had been installed to keep critters out, and Sean in.  However, Sean was now tall enough to reach the latch of the gate.  He reached up, stretched and undid the catch of the gate mechanism.  It opened with a creak from the seasoned and rusty metal.

As soon as Sean left the yard his senses became alive with sounds and voices he had never heard.  They seemed to emanate from every corner of the woods behind the yard.  It was as if the gate was a switch opening up a world he had not known.

He walked further into the woods and suddenly a deer confronted him.  It was standing directly in front of him.  Now, Sean was only a boy of nearly 5 years old but he walked right up to the deer as if he knew him.  Sean suddenly heard the deer’s voice in his head.

“Hello Sean.  My name is Alder.  I need you to come with me,” the deer said.

“How do you know my name Alder?”  Sean asked the deer.

“We have been waiting for you for hundreds of years Sean.  You are a very special boy.”

Sean said, “You don’t seem to be that old.”

The beautiful deer chuckled.  He thought to himself, “Out of the mouths of babes”.

“I’m not a baby!”  Sean exclaimed.

“Oh, yes, I forgot, you can read my thoughts.  This is why you are special Sean.  You have a very important purpose.  We need you to visit Gabriel.  He is our leader and will explain further what you will need to do to fulfill your destiny.”

“What does destiny mean?”

“Ok.  I’ll stop using big words if you just follow me.”

“Alright.”  Sean said.

They walked deeper into the woods for seemingly an hour until they came upon a strange cave.  It was centered in the woods but looked simply like a very large stone.  Alder continued to press forward but Sean stopped.

“What’s the matter Sean?”

“I’m a little scared to go in there.”

“Don’t be scared.  We have been expecting you for some time.  You are completely safe here.  No one can hurt you and no one will bother you.”
“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive,” Alder said.

They continued down to the large stone and walked toward it.  Inside the stone was a pathway that sloped deeper and deeper into the ground.  It led to a lair underneath the surface of the forest.  The walls were damp and covered in moss.  The ground beneath Sean was smooth but not slippery as if it had been trod upon for millennia.

They got to the bottom of the trail and it opened up into a chamber with rooms extending from the center.  At the end of the chamber was a large seat.  It was actually more like a throne and it was huge!

“Sean, wait right here.  You may sit in this seat.”

Alder left the room and for a time, Sean sat there and marveled at all he saw.  The room was filled with intricate carvings that were thousands of years old.  Sean did not understand what they meant but he was curious and intrigued just the same.  He disobeyed Alder and got up to take a closer look.  At four and a half years old, already Sean was more mature than most kids and taller and bigger as well.

He walked up to the images on the walls and noticed animals of all types interacting with humans of every size shape and color.  The animals and the humans were working and playing together in scenes of all types.  Lions played with children and the elderly sat fishing with cats and dogs.  Elephants and women worked in fields.  Children played with wolves of a variety of colors.  They all seemed happy and carefree with no fear or animosity.

This seemed somewhat familiar to Sean even though he had no pet and had no interactions with any animals that he could recall before today.  Inside he felt warm and comfortable at even being here.  Unknown to him at such a young age, this place would have been destroyed by people if they found it.  Somehow, he felt the need to protect this place and indeed the inhabitants.   Sean was so engrossed in the images on the wall he was unaware of the presence that came into the room until it spoke to him.

A baritone voice seemed to echo even in the quiet tone it was presented in.

“Sean, we have been expecting you for a long time.”

Sean turned around to see the largest creature he ever laid eyes upon standing directly in front of him.  He was speechless.

“Please have a seat.  We have much to discuss.”

Sean followed the bear back to the thrown and took a chair next to him.  Sean thought to himself, “how does he know me?”

The bear spoke to Sean.  “My name is Gabriel.  I am the leader of the forest animals.  I know you because the legends of the forest predicted your coming to us in this form.  I also can read your thoughts just as you can understand what I am saying to you.”

“How?  How can I understand you?”

“I know this must be overwhelming for you Sean as you are so young.  As you learn and grow you will come to accept your destiny and all the gifts given to you to help you achieve all that you can achieve in this world.”

Sean said, “What do you mean?  Why am I here?”

“I will explain that to you shortly.  Are you hungry?”

Sean hadn’t thought about food at all since walking out here.  As soon as the large bear mentioned it, he felt hungry all of a sudden.  “Yes”, he said timidly.

Gabriel motioned with his hand and Alder left the room.  While Alder was gone to notify the food gatherers of the need for Sean Gabriel began to explain to Sean who and why he was.

“Many years ago, men and animals lived in harmony.  We took care of each other leaning on the strengths of each kind to overcome the weaknesses of the other.  It was harmonious.  Your kind tell of a story of Adam the son of Man who was put with Michael, the king of the animals here to lead and take care of the earth.  They set up 12 tribes around the world to manage the 12 corners of the earth.  We flourished, building cities, and populating the earth.  There was peace all around.  There was plenty of food and shelter and water to sustain all creatures of the earth.  Men and animals lived a very long time indeed due to the love and kindness that flourished on earth.

However, slowly over time, greed began to take root in the thoughts of man.  He believed that because he walked upright as most animals did not this entitled him to rule the animals alone.  “

Gabriel told Sean as much as he needed to know now and began to explain more but realized that Sean was only a child and would not understand the meaning of the legend. He changed his tactic.

“Sean, right now, you are too young to understand most of this so I will assign you a protector to watch over you until you are ready to accept what must be revealed to you at age.”

At the same time Gabriel was explaining to Sean the current state of affairs a swishing sound became evident to all in the room.  Swish, swish, swish, swish, came the sound as the creature moved across the floor.  The snake wasn’t that large but still startled Sean just the same.

“Hello Sean,” the snake said to him.  My name is Zeke.”

Gabriel said, “Sean, Zeke will be your protector until you get older and will guide you through the next steps of your development.  Only you can understand Zeke because you are gifted and anointed as the prophecy foretold.  When you get home you must speak these words to your parents to make them understand.  I now bid you farewell for a time until you are ready for your next level of training.  We must prepare you for the tasks ahead.”

Gabriel spoke the words to Sean and he and Zeke left the lair to return to Sean’s home.  He did not completely understand all that he had heard, but unknowingly, his skills would become called upon throughout his life.

Chapter 3

Sean walked the now trodden path back to his home.  He had been given knowledge that was beyond his years and understanding.  The one thing given to him that Sean felt comfortable with was the new protector.  They spoke as they walked toward the house.  Sean now understood why he had been unable to communicate with his parents all this time.  It was just because they did not have the same abilities as he did.  That’s all.

The wooden door creaked loudly as Sean entered the house.  To him, he had been gone for a very long time.  When he saw his mother, she acted as if he just left the room and had returned in an instant.  Sean walked up to his mother and spoke the words that Gabriel had given him.

“Mother,” Sean began.  But before he could say anything else, his mother dropped the pot she was cleaning and nearly fell over backwards.

“Sean, is that you?”

“Yes, mother, its me.  Did I startle you?”

His mother did not want to make it seem as if he caught her by surprise.

“No, my hands are slippery from washing these dishes,” She fibbed.  Her heart raced frantically as if a drum was beating a loud rhythmic note in her chess.

“I have something to say to you mother.”  Sean said.

“What is it honey?”  His mother could barely contain the excitement and relief now knowing that her son was normal and could speak.

“I can speak to animals.”  This was NOT what the great bear Gabriel told Sean to say.  But being 5 years old, he could not be expected to remember every detail.

“That’s great honey.  I used to talk to my pet dog all the time.  He never answered me, but I spoke to him just the same.”

Clearly Sean’s mother did not understand.  He tried again.  This time he spoke to Zeke who suddenly appeared from behind the wine cooler sitting on the floor.

“This is Zeke,” He said.

By this time in the conversation, Sean’s mother had returned to washing the dishes.  When she turned around again, not only did she drop the dish she was holding this time, but shrieked in fear and leaspt onto the chair sitting at the breakfast table near the sink.

Sean thought his mother had temporarily lost her mind.  Why was she afraid?  Couldn’t she see that Zeke was harmless.  What Sean didn’t know was that Zeke was a rattlesnake and typically was the most dangerous animal that people would run across out where they lived.

“Mom!  What are you doing?  Zeke wont bother you.  He was sent to protect me.”

“Zeke!” She exclaimed.  “That thing has a name?”

“Of course mommy.  All animals have names just like you and me.”  He said this so calmly that his mother nearly fainted.

“What are you talking about, and get away from that thing!”

Sean reached down and picked up the snake and held him in his arms.  At this point, his mother actually did faint!  She fell to the floor like a wet towel being dropped.  She actually looked like a wet towel the way she crumpled so gracefully down.

His father who had been in the living room had already begun to head toward the kitchen rushed in when he heard his wife Debra hit the floor.  When he arrived his breath caught in his chest.  He did not know what to do.  In fact, he thought after seeing the snake that Debra had been bitten.  Just as he was about to hit the snake with the book he had been reading Sean spoke.

“Mom passed out daddy,”  Sean said so calmly that his father nearly had a heart attack himself!

“What the-?” and his father’s voice trailed off without completing the question unformed in his mind.

“She was scared of Zeke.”  Sean said equally as calmly as before.

“You can talk?”

“Of course daddy.  Why do you and mom sound so surprised all the time when I say something?”

“Well, we, uh, thought you couldn’t talk because you never did.”

“I was talking all the time but you guys just couldn’t understand me.”

“What do you mean?”  Sean’s dad asked.

“I was always talking to you guys, but you seemed confused all the time.  I thought something was wrong with you two.  I used my head to talk but I guess you couldn’t hear me.  I now know why.”

Tom had almost forgotten about the snake and his wife listening to his son for the first time.  It basically had him baffled and confused but very much relieved.  Zeke sat in a corner marveling at the site before him.

“No wonder we need Sean,” he thought.  “These humans are as crazy as we believed.”

Tom composed himself.  After all, he WAS the dad here.

“Sean, why is that snake in here?”

“Daddy, his name is Zeke.”

“Ok, why is do you have Zeke in here?”

“He was sent by Gabriel to protect me?”

“Who the heck is Gabriel?”
“The bear king in the forest Daddy!”  Sean said this as if “you silly daddy!  Don’t you know who the bear king is?”

Zeke said something to Sean and Sean turned toward Zeke to listen more carefully.

“Oh, Zeke told me you don’t know about Gabriel and the animal kindgdom.”

Tom said, “Ok, Sean, we need to talk.  Let me get your mother up and then lets go sit down in the living room and discuss this.  In the mean time, let Zeke stay outside.”

“Daddy, he is my protector.”  Something about how Sean said this made his dad change his mind and he relented.

“Ok Sean.  Fine.”  He reached down and tapped Debra gently on the shoulder.  At first she did not wake so Tom got a little bit of water from the faucet and sprinkled it on her face.  The cold water woke her from her unconscious state and she slowly sat upright.

“What happened?”  Debra said, and turned to see Sean standing next to Zeke who looked like any snake does; Menacing and dangerous.  At this point she promptly fainted again.

“Can you ask Zeke to remain here while we have our discussion son?”

“Of course Daddy.”

Sean turned to Zeke and told him to wait there while he and his parents went to have a conversation.  Zeke nodded ever so subtly and remained where he was.

Tom carried both Debra and a new cup of water to the living area so they could speak.  He placed her gently on one of the couches, the blue one with white stripes, and waited for Sean to settle in the room before awakening her.

“Ok, Sean tell us what’s going on.”

Sean began telling them how he walked out of the house and spent hours talking to Gabriel and Alder and other animals.  He explained the things that he had been told and why he never had been talking to his parents before.  He explained the legend and all the things Gabriel said would happen.  He told them of how he descended from the great leaders of the earth and was foretold to arrive and do good things in his life.

Sean’s parents were baffled, confused, excited, and befuddled at both the story that unfolded in front of them as well as the fact that for 5 years, they had waited for their son to speak.  They had assumed he was special just like Albert Einstein, but this story was currently beyond their comprehension.

Sean explained to his parents that they would have to provide him certain nutrition and education so that he would be prepared for the training to come later when he was older.  He explained the purpose of Zeke and how Gabriel had assigned him to protect and look after him and that it would be a great dishonor upon Zeke if they tried to send him away.

They debated, but in the end, the sudden speaking of their son, the complete unbelievability of his story and the quiet and apparently docile nature of the killer snake in the kitchen had the opposite affect it should have had.  They actually believed Sean!  After all, he was their son and this was the first time he had spoken.

So, since they believed him, they really had no choice but to set up a place in Sean’s room for Zeke.  He had a clearing next to his bed that was just large enough for a dog’s bed.  They went to the local pet store and purchased a nice dog bed that had sides to it.  It was made of wood that was painted dark blue.  Inside the box was a nice pillow covered in a type of canvas cloth.  No doubt, it had been designed to repel dirt.  Inside the pillow was filled with cedar chips that Zeke ended up really liking.

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