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You made me-A poem

written by Tedd Bear

You made me.

You made me strong.

You made me fearless.

You made me Handsome, tall and stubborn.

You made me ambitious.

You made me smart.

You made me with wisdom, intelligence and wit.

You made me an athlete.  Fast, nimble and quick.

You made me tall.

You made me dark.

You made my voice thick deep and resonant.

I don’t fit in.

I am feared because of my size and strength.

I scare you because my voice is so deep.

You are jealous of my countenance.

You are nervous of my ambition, intimidated of my smarts and intelligence and wit.

You are outplayed on the field and surprised at my speed given my size.

My stature makes you quiver in your boots.

My darkness is your greatest threat yet you wish you were as dark as me.

I am an outcast.

I do not fit in your social circles.

I cannot attend your schools.

I am not invited to your party.

My kids do not play with your kids.

I do not attend your clubs.

I do not play golf with you.

My thoughts surprise you because of the angst that comes through.

My opinions offend your sensibilities.

You made me!

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