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written by Tedd Bear

Every action causes and equal and opposite reaction.  At least this is what they say.  In many cases, this reaction is not equal nor opposite from the original action.  In some cases, the reaction is much more or less severe and may come at different angles to the original action.  As a pendulum, the resulting swing is minutely less, but less still from the initial swing.  We may not detect the differences, but inevitably we will see the result in macro as the pendulum slowly winds down.

We do not necessarily understand the effects of our actions.  This is clear, otherwise we would not do some of the things that we do.  I have learned over the years and come to accept that the state of affairs I find myself in today is a direct result of idiotic things I have done in the past.  I also understand that unfortunately, I was powerless to prevent the inevitable results of my actions. 

I live today under the clouds of past sins, not only of my own, but of those that came before me.  My parents, my siblings, my friends and others created the core being that I am.  I am purely a reaction to actions in the past.  Certainly, I can do things to minimize the effects of those original actions, but only to a degree. 

People will tell you that you have the power to make decisions which affect your life.  This is VERY true.  But, this is not the complete story.  Our decisions are still bound, albeit to a lesser degree, to our past actions and those who may have influenced us. 

This by the way, is my only adherence to the nature vs. nurture argument in which I agree that nurture plays an important role in our development as human beings.   I am firmly parked in the camp of nature as I see the underlying causes of some of my mental capacities or incapacities in my case as well as the physical gifts, or shortcomings I possess.  I have often written about my own kids who bear the best and the worst of me.  They are the evidence of not only the nature of their genetic makeup as well as the sins of my past in rearing them.

Just as the pendulum swings from side to side we can see the results of our actions borne in the predicaments we find ourselves in.  It is not to say that we can not alter our course to some extent, but the physical law in existence governs where we end up.  It is the reason we say practice makes perfect, and do unto others….because the result of these actions have a bearing on where we end up in life.  The “sowing of seeds” is another way to say.  It is not that the Bible is a divine inspired text….(and I am not going to argue that point here!)….as much as it was observers of our human condition that wrote these inspired words.  It doesn’t take a genius to see this point.

Why am I writing this?  Well, I was inspired in my prologue of Atonement to see how this may affect Jack’s life and how it drives his behaviour.  He is powerless to change the path he is on and ultimately has been forced to encounter his past in ways he cannot imagine.  The pendulum has begun its swing and Jack will end up confronting those things which have plagued him since his youth.

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written by Tedd Bear

I’ve begun writing a prologue to my first novel.  Here is the skeleton of that prologue that will be expanded as I continue to write this story.  It must be told and I certainly intend to continue this story, but it writes itself as life is developing for me.  I have, as some know, written other pieces in the mean time, but this continues to be the start of my life’s ultimate work.  Please enjoy and comment on this start.  I just felt the story needed to have some sort of introduction and starting chapter 1 without a good introduction just did not feel right…




Jack sat in the back yard of his brownstone in East Atlanta.  It was a fall evening and the leaves had begun to reach full fall colors with oranges, reds and browns dominating the evenings palate of colors.  Even the sun as it began to drift ever closer to the earth blended the fall colors spectacularly with purples and blues dancing across the sky signaling the closing of the day.

Indeed the day was closing as was a chapter in Jack’s life.  He had just returned from the funeral of his lovely wife with whom he had shared the best part of his recent life.  As an investigator he’d seen his share of death yet somehow the experience of his own tragedy darkened his normally upbeat sense of things. 

Jack was a devout churchgoer.  The son of a preacher himself destined to take on the mantle of servitude to the church, he had chosen to give himself instead to the service of his community and city which he loved so dearly.  Yet now, both his city and more importantly, his God had let him down.  How could God have allowed such a thing to occur?  How could he have taken Jack’s one other love from him?  These questions haunted him, yet he never had he felt so powerless to not only answer that important question, but to also understand how he could be experiencing this at a time when his devotion to God and to his wife were at their highest.

He sat brooding over the questions tormenting him since the fatal accident that claimed her life.  And now, the casket’s closing signaled the despair and finality of the decision he had made when sitting in the church listening to the eulogy.  He could not believe that a loving God could take the one person in his life that gave him piece.   Does God exist?  He had asked himself constantly since the tragedy.  If God exists, how could a loving and merciful God be so cruel and so unforgiving?

Birds chirped in the trees signaling their young to return to the nest for night’s onset.  The safety of the nest beckoned them.  Slowly the night began to draw quiet as the sun dipped lower and lower into the western sky.  Darkness fell upon the night as darkness fell upon Jack’s heart.  As they say, his heart was hardened against God.  He withdrew into himself.

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Texas Youth Sports

written by Tedd Bear

This may come as a surprise to some, but not all.  I have learned since living in Texas how serious sports are for the youth.  I’m not sure if its the same in other cities or just in Houston where I live.   But, parents hold their kids back in school for the sole purpose of making them bigger and stronger when they compete at grade level sports.  I have polled several parents in our semi-affluent neighborhood and was appalled at how often and how widespread this practice is.

In a state where technology lags the rest of the country (In my experience…), and the people seemingly are only knowledgeable about Texas wearing bumper stickers proudly proclaiming that “Texas is bigger than Paris”, they really should pay closer attention to how they are educating their youth.  We all know how important sports are to this country.  However, maybe we should be changing our approach given the fact that every other competing country does so on the merits of education and knowledge.  It is clear that China and even India are surpassing us in technology supplying a great majority of the worlds technical resources.  Maybe the largest state in the union and I use union extremely loosely, should be focused on increasing the math and science education of its youth versus increasing the rate at which it produces apparently dumb jocks.

Dont let me get started on dumb when I consider the past presidents and current running president who forgot that his fore fathers stole the country from Mexico and now slowly but surely they are handing it back through free education for illegal immigrants.  Surely I do not live in Houston, Tx. America, but in North Mexico!

Not only do parents hold their kids back to compete but also firmly believe that this is the “only chance my son will have to play” as if 7 and 8 year old football is the end all be all of kid sports…


More to come on this topic and I will dedicate a special posting on why we should NEVER elect a president from Texas…..

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written by Tedd Bear

I have been harassed by my son to go ahead and finish the Sean story.  I promise to get back to it, but my job actually has me working like a dog as they say.  It is a shame as the creative juices continue to flow unabated, however, it is like bullet that has missed its target.  Completely wasted.  I’ve seen new members signing up, and I will begin shortly to add content.  It is not fair to my 2.3 fans to miss the musings of a demented bard.

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How Beautiful the Country is….

written by Tedd Bear

Unless you have taken time out to visit some of the United States’ treasures, you really cannot believe how wonderfully full this country’s natural resources and beauty is!  I have had the pleasure of visiting many international ports in my life and never once did I say “I wish I lived here”.  It is just taken for granted that America the beautiful is the best country on earth.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when I could just leave and never return as some of you know.  However, I always am amazed at the natural beauty my own country of birth possesses.


Recently, my family and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting both Yellowstone National Park as well as Mount Rushmore.  Mount Rushmore brings up another point about how talented the people of this country are and indeed how much man can accomplish if tasked either of his own will or the will of others.  I have not seen the pyramids of Egypt yet, and have desire to do so, but looking at Yellowstone makes me extremely proud of being an American and a Human at the same time.


Man can do so much yet we are mired in the daily activities life forces upon us.  How many of us truly appreciate how short life is?  I certainly, through many personal tragedies understand how fleeting life can be, losing just about every friend I have ever grown close to including my best man at my wedding at the young age of 33.


However, I would like to share some photos of a recent trip just to give you a glimpse of the wonders of America.  Enjoy!






Of course I had to shoot some of my totems….

And some generic Beauty shots:


Yes, that was a real buffalo!


These were just a few shots.  I have a ton more, taking over 500 pictures!


I have been a way for a while, but I promise to get back to my stories soon.  Stay tuned and if you like the pictures, I’ll upload more.

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